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Photoshop & Illustrator Digital Graphic Design

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本課程教授兩科,PhotoshopIllustrator 各佔15小時。全課程全共30小時。

Illustrator cs6

Control and Precision Tools

Zoom in and out of illustrations 
Position, align, transform, and create objects quickly and precisely with Smart Guides and snap-to grid.
Scale, skew, rotate, reflect, and apply perspective objects with the Free Transform tool.
Sample text, fill, or stroke attributes to another object.
Undo and redo
Align objects along an x or y axis.
Arrange artwork on different layers.
Use the Transform palette to check an objects height, width, location.
Export GIF and JPEG file for web page design

Superb Drawing Tools
Produce difficult-to-draw objects using the Pathfinder palette.
Draw with precision using the Bezier Pen tool.
Easily create special shapes with the Star, Spiral, Polygon, Circle, and Rectangle tools.

Versatile Art Brushes
Paint artwork along an editable path with predesigned Art brush.
Disperse artwork randomly along an editable path with the Scatter brushed.
Create easy-to-edit calligraphic paths with the revised Calligraphic brushes.
Paint patterns along a path with the Pattern brushes.

Superior color control

Automatically blend any number of different objects and colors along an editable path, and edit the blend freely.
Use the unique Gradient Mesh tool to blend colors smoothly in multiple directions at once.
Combine spot colors, process colors, patterns, and more in your illustrations.
Create smooth graduated blends between two or more colors with the Gradients palette.


Masterful typography
Precisely specify point size, leading, kerning, tracking, baseline shift, hyphenation, and other text attributes.
Place text on a path, wrap it around a shape, and link text blocks with complete control.
Create vertical text and vertical text on a path.

Special effects
Work with pucker, bloat, roughen, and other distortion filters, as well as with impressionistic, and other special effects filters.

An intuitive, easy-to-learn tool set
Arrange tabbed palettes any way you like to customize your work environment.
Access commonly used commands quickly with context-sensitive menus.
Tear off tool sets from the tool box for faster access.
Maximize the number of layers visible in the Layers palette.

Accessible tools
Draw on-screen as easily as you do on paper with the Pencil tool. Edit paths by simply drawing a new line near the path you want to alter.
Resize objects using an easy-to-manipulate bounding box.
Quickly smooth out unwanted bumps in a path or erase part of a path with the new Smooth and Erase tools.

Content and learning materials
Start to work quickly with built-in brush libraries, pattern libraries, fonts, style libraries and symbol libraries.

For daytime course, there are six hours more hands-on practice.




Photoshop cs6
Photoshop 課程內容提綱